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Townies: Official Washington’s Latest Obsession Pulls Its Punches

Before I sat down to write this, another publication asked me to review This Town. I demurred: "Mark is a friend," I emailed back. The editor responded almost immediately: "How good a friend?" I guess I should be flattered that the editor thought I could write impartially if author Mark Leibovich wasn't "that good" of [...]

Handicapping Jeopardy! in D.C.

This Saturday, Jeopardy! will be in town to tape episodes for "Power Players" week. What's a power player, you ask? Judging by the slate of contestants selected to play, it's someone with smarts and critical recognition among their peers — or an absolutely unstoppable sky hook and some Rec Specs.
This year’s Power Players feature some [...]

Joy Zinoman Leaves Studio Theatre: D.C. Media Falls Asleep on Story

The Washington City Paper sucks. The Washington Post sucks. The Washington Blade sucks. The Washington Examiner sucks. Metro Weekly, Dupont Current, DC Theatre Scene, DCist, TV news stations: suck, suck, suck, suck, suck.
And a catch-all assessment for all other D.C. media outlets that pretend to cover area news and culture: Suck!
What other word, after all, [...]

Rolling Stone Ranks the Crooners: The Truth Comes Out!

A belated answer key to our Rolling Stone: Parse that Platitude contest!

There is a difference between people who sing and those who take that voice to another, otherworldly place, who create a euphoria within themselves. PLATITUDE REFERS TO: Elvis Presley

You know a force from heaven. You know something that God made. And [blank] is [...]

Rolling Stone Ranks the Crooners; Time to Play Parse that Platitude!

This week, Rolling Stone fronts a totally definitive list of the 100 greatest singers of all time. (Previous totally definitive lists include the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, the 500 greatest songs of all time, and THE 100 IMMORTALS. But that's just scratching the surface.)
Besides the inherent arbitrariness of the exercise and [...]