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Wale’s The Eleven One Eleven Theory, Dissected

The last time Wale released a summer mixtape to hype a fall album, he had a Lady Gaga cameo. Nowadays he's just grateful for his Twitter fans: The Eleven One Eleven Theory dropped after he clocked his millionth follower. The new mixtape may have crashed HulkShare yesterday, but it's fair to say Wale can't claim the same level of anticipation [...]

Wale Watch: Wale Signs to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music

Though the writing has been on the wall for a few months now, Rap Radar reports (via Wale's Twitter, naturally) that Wale has officially inked a deal with Rick Ross' fledgling Maybach Music labe. Let's briefly consider the ups and downs of this situation:
Pros: Wale now has more direct access to Southern-style production where, as [...]