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Maxwell MacKenzie’s Latest Exhibition Looks at the Passage of Time on the Prairie

“Going Deep” has the feel of a final exam, an intimate retrospective on the long arc of MacKenzie's subject matter and career.

At D.C.’s Leica Store, a Diverse Selection of Juried Works

The third annual juried exhibition at D.C.'s Leica Store is titled “Unforgettable," but that may be a bit exaggerated.

Top 10 Local Photography Exhibits of 2012

Maybe it’s the national malaise, or maybe it’s just coincidence, but many of the finest photographic exhibits in Washington in 2012 have been meditations on loss—the Holocaust, extinct empires, far-away wars, hardscrabble young adulthoods, urban ruins and funerary rites.
Here’s one critic’s choice of the 10 best photographic exhibits of the year. Four of the 10 [...]

Reviewed: Maxwell MacKenzie at the American Institute of Architects

A little more than two years ago, I lamented that the most recent exhibit by D.C.-based architectural and landscape photographer Maxwell MacKenzie wasn’t all that different from his last, breaking a pattern of consistent visual and thematic reinvention over the previous decade. I can now report that MacKenzie’s new exhibition does indeed aim for new [...]

Reviewed: “Click: Space & Time” at Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Addison/Ripley's “Click: Space & Time” is ambitious, aiming to show how photography represents “two-dimensional space at a fixed instant in time.” It's not a particularly original theme—and I'm not sure many of the works even address it—but never mind. There are plenty of fascinating images to see here.
The great D.C.-based photographer Frank Hallam Day offers [...]