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Listen: Maxmillion Dunbar, House of Woo

Sometimes, words get in the way. In this era of social-media overstimulation, it seems everyone has something to mouth off about. That's why it's refreshing to hear people like D.C. producer Andrew Field-Pickering (aka Maxmillion Dunbar), who can express himself profoundly without saying a word.
Such is the foundation of House of Woo, Dunbar's new electronic [...]

Arts Roundup: Donald Byrd Edition

The nephew-in-law of Donald Byrd (founder of D.C. group The Blackbyrds) posted on Facebook that the jazz trumpeter died in Delaware on Monday, and blogs immediately began circulating his post as breaking news. But no media outlets have been able to confirm it with the musician's immediate family. Regardless, the Guardian ran an obit, acknowledging, basically, [...]

One Track Mind: Maxmillion Dunbar

Standout Track: The A-side, “Woo.” At its foundation is a stutter-stepping four-on-the-floor beat; atop it, flossy synth patterns overlap, reverberate, and gently jostle for attention. Released as a single, “Woo” will also come out on the upcoming Hooray for Woo, the second LP from Dunbar, the alter ego of Andrew Field-Pickering of nu-disco duo Beautiful [...]

Arts Roundup: Disparaging Remarks Edition

Bad Brains' Into the Future is out today. Stream the whole thing at Spinner. [Spinner]
In a ceremony at the White House, Gala Hispanic Theatre's after-school program, Paso Nuevo, took home the 2012 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award. [PDF via Gala]
Maxmillion Dunbar's new track, "Woo," gets Pitchforked. [Pitchfork]
This Mother Jones blogger thinks Joe Warminsky's positive review [...]

Arts Roundup: Chompie Edition

The Smithsonian unleashes a visitor's guide app. [Around the Mall]
Doug Aitken's design for a pavilion at the Tate Liverpool museum looks an awful lot like "Song1" at the Hirshhorn [Architect]
Michael Kaiser: How arts organizations can persuade their board members to hit their friends up for money [Huffington Post D.C.]
More photos of the Pussy [...]

Listen, the Snow Is Falling: What D.C. Musicians Do When They’re Snowed In

If you were hoping to catch some live music tonight, you're probably out of luck. Yet while today's hazardous conditions may make getting to venues difficult, they won't stop local artists from making music—including, lest I forget, the guy who lives across the street from me and plays sax for what must be 13 or [...]

New Songs for 2010: Free Music from Wale, XO, and Future Times

Quickly, a few goodies for the first day of 2010:

Rapper XO dropped his new album, One. One. Ten., today, and he's posted a digital version that you can download for free. Check back here next week for our review. The album's release party is tonight at K Street Lounge.
Wale has a new remix of "Pretty [...]

Maxmillion Dunbar Releases New EP

Andrew Field-Pickering's cup is pretty much running over with smooth music these days. Between Food For Animals, Future Times Records, and Beautiful Swimmers, he's already produced a crate's worth of vinyl this year. And there's still more to come. Maxmillion Dunbar, Field-Pickering's solo project, just delivered Bare Feet on UK-based label Ramp Recordings. The minimalist [...]