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Arts Roundup: Homeless Poet Edition

Northern Virginia resident James Allison spent nearly two years living in his truck. He eventually found work and a home, and published a book of poetry, Dark Waters. [Post]
For Christmas, Kennedy Center prez Michael Kaiser wants a solution to orchestras' financial problems [Huffington Post D.C.]
That viral photo of Mr. Rogers? Washington Post staffer Maura Judkis says [...]

Arts Roundup: Pauly Shore Edition

Maura Judkis on D.C.'s showing at the Tonys: " robust and brilliant as Washington theater can be, we’re still just one of the planets orbiting around the center of the theatrical universe, Broadway. Did we get our hopes up too high? Shouldn’t we be used to this by now?" [Post]
The imperiled Corcoran will hold a [...]

Artomatic: Some Early Reactions

Barnstorming through Artomatic, it's easier to react than reflect. This year's artist headcount is more than 1,000, which means a two-hour dash through the 10 floors of artwork gives you about five seconds per artist—an overestimation that does not factor in the time to move between rooms, move between floors, or get lost.  That estimate [...]

Arts Roundup: Death and Gravlax Edition

WaPo Really Wants Norwegian to Be 'Next Steig Larsson': Do you like reading about dead Scandinavians? The Washington Post has your guy. Monica Hesse leads off Style by totally crushing on Jo Nesbo, the author behind a series of crime novels starring the alcoholic detective Harry Hole. Nesbo's new book, The Snowman, came out yesterday, [...]

Art Basel Miami Beach: Like Burning Man Without the Dust and Hippies?

An extremely unscientific and unthorough aggregation of Art Basel Miami Beach coverage by D.C. outlets reveals the following quotes:
We Love DC: "A typical day at Art Basel consisted of the following.  Wake up at 9AM, grab coffee and breakfast at the 11th Street Diner, spend the next six or so hours soaking up as [...]

“Catalyst” Curator on D.C. Art: “We Don’t Compete Here. It’s Sweeter Than That. It’s Stranger Than That.”

To curator J.W. Mahoney, D.C. is all about symbols–and so is much of its art. "I didn’t read The Lost Symbol—I couldn’t do it, it’s just too stupid," he says. "But it was interesting that [author Dan Brown] picked up on that."
At this point we're kind of riffing. But Mahoney's real point is that if [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 11

Far Out vs. Hot Dang sees into the immediate future, and it senses that you will have a rather eventful weekend. But for now, let us dwell temporarily on what has already happened. Because that's what we do, and we're awesome at it.

"I love going into a random music store nowadays and seeing my gawky, [...]