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Alas, The Doldrums Begin: Jazz Setlist, July 31-August 6

Yes, it's that slow period in August when the jazz scene dries up to a trickle. And yet, every desert has its oases; here are a few of ours.
Friday, August 1
There's some room for debate on the overlap between jazz and "creative music." The latter is more of a catch-all term for music that combines [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 11-17: The Doldrums Have Arrived Early

The Doldrums are already here. The period usually strikes in August (not coincidentally, around the time of the Congressional recess), when bookings are light and often far-flung; maybe it's the heat, but this year July is a sparse one, too. Here, though, are some highlights among the lowlights.
Thursday, July 11
Probably the most active trombonist in [...]

D.C. Vocalist Emy Tseng on Bossa Nova, Bach, and Sounding “Organic”

When Emy Tseng moved to D.C. in 2009, she had to adjust to two new worlds: her day job at the Department of Commerce, and her nighttime role as a bossa nova and jazz vocalist in a new music scene. A Taiwanese-American who learned classical piano as a child and began singing traditional early music [...]

Jazz Setlist, December 1-7: Friday Night Double Feature

This, folks, is one of those rare weeks where I'm recommending two shows on the same night. Make it out to both.
Friday, December 2
The Grammy nominations were announced last night, and one of the few standouts on a terrifically vanilla list of jazz nominees (which mostly consists of a handful of old-guard darlings nominated several [...]

Jazz Setlist, June 16-22: No Rest From the Fest

So you think D.C. jazz and the festival season cool off a bit following the DC Jazz Festival? Ha! For right on its heels comes the Nordic Jazz Festival, which weaves back and forth between Twins Jazz on U Street and the Finnish and Swedish embassies. It's worthy of a Setlist all its own, and [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 12-18: Correction Edition

If you saw last week's Setlist, you already know what this Thursday's pick is; Jazz at Jackson Place has from its inception been the first Thursday of the month, but this time there seems to have been a private event booked in that slot. Hence, Matvei Sigalov performs at Decatur House (748 Jackson Place NW, [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 5-11: In Sight of the White House

Thursday, May 5
Huh? Why would a column about D.C. jazz carry a photo of one of the city's historical sites, Decatur House on Lafayette Square near the White House? Why, I'm delighted that you asked. It's because Decatur House is the site of one of D.C.'s least appreciated summer jazz traditions, Jazz on Jackson Place. [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 3-9: Short Notice!

Thursday, March 3
Of all John Coltrane's protegees–which to some extent includes every tenor saxophonist who came after him– Pharoah Sanders is the strongest and most important. A member of Trane's last band, the wild and free one, Sanders elaborated on his mentor's unspoken spiritual commitment and sometimes made it spoken, as in his best-known composition [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 15-21: William Hooker, Com Voce, and More

Thursday, July 15
Experimental music is an ivory tower. Its practitioners have gigantic status inside the field, and by and large can't get arrested outside of it. So when I say that William Hooker is a major figure, it will no doubt come as a surprise to some. Nonetheless, Hooker is a major figure. He's a [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 11-17: Violins, Vocals, Venues that Are Open!

Take the part about open venues with as big an asterisk as you can muster; if the reason for that isn't obvious, you don't live here.
Feb. 13
There aren't a whole lot of bands in the area with violinists as sidemen, let alone leaders. That's one of many reasons to catch a performance by Matvei Sigalov [...]