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As Lo-Fang, Matthew Hemerlein Takes His Left-Field Pop to the West Coast

It started as a mixtape. About 40 minutes long, the recording was a modest compilation of eclectic ideas and choice samples flowing from Columbia, Md., native Matthew Hemerlein’s well-traveled mind. The classically trained polymath had quit D.C. in 2011, traveling to Cambodia and London and Nashville. So he weaved his experiences abroad with his relationships at [...]

Arts Roundup: A Valentine for ASCAP Edition

House of Cards, now darker than ever. [Post]
Pitchfork does not love the new album from Lo-Fang (aka ex-D.C. musician Matthew Hemerlein). [Pitchfork]
Somebody loooooooves ASCAP. [NPR]
Morrissey will skip D.C. on his next tour. [Pitchfork]
An interview with NPR's Bob Boilen [D.C. Music Download]
DJ Heat named DJ of the year at the Fab Awards. [WPGC]
Then she made a playlist for [...]

Arts Roundup: Tear Down This Rec Center Edition

Should the Wheaton Community Recreation Center—the place of a legendary (but possibly imaginary) Led Zeppelin concert in 1969—be demolished alongside the Wheaton Library? Or preserved? [Greater Greater Washington]
Here's what the Spy Museum may look like when it opens at the Carnegie Library. [WBJ]
If you've wondered about the whereabouts of D.C.'s Matthew Hemerlein, well, he's putting out [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Avi Buffalo, Foul Swoops

A lot has changed in the year since doll-haired Australian chanteuse Sia Furler postponed the tour behind her latest release, We Are Born, due to her struggle with Graves’ disease. For one, she got healthier and more confident behind a flood of support at home and abroad. She also landed a gig [...]

This Could Be Funny: Fringe Is Humorous!

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, July 22: Fringe: An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein at Studio Theatre
The well-reviewed, not-for-children Fringe offering “An Adult Evening With Shel Silverstein” has one more performance. Don’t miss out on altering childhood memories by going blue. Any show that recommends not bringing [...]

This Could Be Funny: Demetri Martin, Electric Mayhem, Hemerlein Family

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, April 22: Electric Mayhem Comedy Hour at Electric Maid
Hosted by Tyler Sonnichsen and featuring Mike Finazzo, Peter Bladel, Anupama Pillalamarri, Mariya Alexander, and more, this night of localy bred talent is a good intro to the D.C. stand-up scene. The Electric Maid is [...]

Kokayi Performs “RoxTar,” Minus the Snow

D.C. MC Kokayi performed an awesome, off-the-cuff mini-set on the City Paper parking deck last week, in which he mutated some of his best-known songs on the fly with accompaniment by a beat-boxing and spoons-playing Christylez Bacon. You can see another side of Kokayi—plus higher production values!—in a series of Gibson-sponsored videos posted on local blog [...]

Tonight: Matthew Hemerlein at U Street Music Hall

The first time I saw Matthew Hemerlein perform, I thought he had some major nervous tics. As he chatted with the audience, his hands ranged over his violin, thumping on the fingerboard, plucking strings on the wrong side of the bridge. But as Hemerlein launched into his performance, I realized he was recording the entire [...]

16 Years After Allen Ginsberg’s D.C. “Howl” Reading, Artists Get Their Beat On

As history, the National Gallery's current exhibit of photographs by the beat poet Allen Ginsburg was always going to be a win. As art? Not necessarily, but our critic Louis Jacobson found himself surprised. He loved it.
"Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg" runs through Sept. 6, and while Ginsberg's photographs of luminaries like Kerouac [...]

D.C.’s Nacey, Hemerlein Help Major Lazer and La Roux Get Cyberpunk

In geographical terms, it's convenient to read Lazerproof, the new mixtape collaboration between La Roux and Major Lazer, as a sort of Britain-Philadelphia-Caribbean hybrid—the synthpop duo La Roux is based in London, as is one half of Major Lazer, Switch. Philly's Diplo forms the other half of the duo, whose sound is deeply routed in [...]