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Park Chan-wook Talks Stoker and the Origins of Evil

Korean director Park Chan-wook’s films aren't for wusses. His canon, which includes the cult classic revenge thriller Oldboy, usually revolves around highly stylized visuals, extremely graphic violence, and often brutal subject matter. So the director's oeuvre doesn’t make him the most likely candidate for the mainstream studio system. But in Hollywood, he found an unexpected [...]

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Robert Pattinson, Gus van Sant, and the Rampant Homophobia of the Weinstein Company

A Sucker for Van Sant: Pattinson wants the director onboard for this, um, upcoming vampire flick.
• Brokeback Didn’t Completely Break Oscar-Bait Barriers: Peter Knegt of indieWIRE has accused the Weinstein Company of “de-gaying” the trailer for A Single Man, the directorial debut of designer Tom Ford that stars Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, [...]