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Flings & Arrows: When Actors Enter Showmances

“He looked so cute in that costume.”

A Tribute to Billie Holiday: Jazz Setlist, March 19-25

A beast of the saxophone and some quirky fun in jazz this weekend

Jazz Setlist, December 19-25: Oh, Christmas Tree-o

Thursday, December 19
Jazz drummer starts band to play Christmas songs. You'd think that was all the summary you needed for Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O, perhaps adding a mention of Wilson's clowning on the bandstand. But, no. Wilson does skew silly in his persona, and the Christmas Tree-O does have a certain affection for the kitsch [...]

Jazz Setlist, Dec. 2-8: Here Come the Christmas Concerts

Thursday, December 2
He calls the sound of his new album, Xmas Vibe "sort of Gary Burton meets George Winston." And while there's a kernel of truth in that, it downplays the uniqueness of what vibraphonist Charles Xavier does. He's based in the precision of jazz percussion (Xavier is a drummer as well), but works on [...]