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The Wugazi Daily: “Forensic Shimmy”

Shortly after our interview with Wugazi went online, the duo dropped another sweet mash-up: “Forensic Shimmy.” That’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” and Fugazi’s “Forensic Scene” providing one seriously funky jam. Whodathunk the late ODB and Joe Lally would’ve made such a killer combo?

We think it also makes for one solid soundtrack to [...]

Wugazi Speaks!

We've been curious about Wugazi since the project dropped its first mash-up on SoundCloud a couple of weeks ago. At first, "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" didn't offer with much information about the artists behind the song—though it was clear that 1) they love Fugazi and Wu-Tang Clan; and 2) that they've got an ear [...]

More Wugazi!

The Internet went into hyperdrive when Wugazi, a mash-up project that combines beloved iconic post-hardcore act Fugazi and beloved NYC hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan, released their first tune on SoundCloud last week. "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" was a brilliant mix that restored out faith in mash-ups, and it ain't no fluke: Yesterday, the Doomtree-affiliated [...]