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Mingering Mike Captures D.C. Council in All Its Humanity

The artist known as Mingering Mike first dreamed about joining D.C.'s pantheon of soul sensations. Back in the 1960s and '70s, the D.C. native brought his fantasies to life through hand-painted cardboard records and sleeves. Lost for decades, those faux records eventually resurfaced to great acclaim. Now Mingering Mike's work can be found in the [...]

Arts Group to City Council: Fix Loophole that Puts Artists’ Work at Risk

If a gallery goes bankrupt—as businesses are wont to do in these recessionary times—creditors can seize it and all of its assets within under current D.C. law. That includes the work the artists have entrusted the gallery to sell. And while that scenario hasn't yet occurred in the District, one group is working to ensure [...]