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Rock Creek Social Club’s Four Years of No-Posturing, No-Inhibitions Partying

Atlanta rapper Makonnen’s hallucinogenic ode to early-week partying, "Club Going Up On a Tuesday," (which just got a huge assist from Drake) would’ve been the theme song for Rock Creek Social Club’s now-defunct Good Life Tuesdays parties. It's also a perfect description of what the D.C.-based lifestyle group has accomplished in its four years. 
Established in 2010, Rock Creek Social Club [...]

Tonight: Meet Lost D.C. Soul Ensemble Father’s Children

In the early '70s, Father's Children were caught in a weird moment: between damaged soul and spaced out funk, between '60s turmoil and '70s New Age idealism, between salvation and doom. The group might be remembered for commercial-sounding music it made Mercury Records later in the decade, but some of the recordings it made in [...]

Things I Learned From The Folly

The Folly is damn handsome. It's also damn cheap—it's free, that is, on account of a fundraiser the editors of the D.C. literary journal held at Marvin not long ago. And a lot of it's pretty damn interesting. There's a poem by Child Ballads leader Stewart Lupton; possibly fake and plainly fake histories of Wisconsin [...]