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What Should Go in the Corcoran Legacy Gallery?

Heaven help the curator who’s asked to assemble works for the post-mortem gallery of the soon-to-be Corcoran Contemporary, National Gallery of Art. If a plan is approved for the Corcoran to be absorbed by the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University, the institution’s Beaux-Arts building will contain something called the “Corcoran Legacy” gallery, [...]

Arts Roundup: Al Pacino Edition

Shafted: Local artists didn't win squat in this year's Grammys. Unless you consider The Foo Fighters local.
Lady in White: Even D.C. media wasn't immune to the collective Whitney Houston mourning yesterday. DCist posted video of Houston's final D.C. performance in 1997, which was packaged as an HBO special called "Classic Whitney Live From Washington D.C."
Hoo-Ah!: In a ceremony [...]