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Photos: Marnie Stern @ Black Cat

Thursday night, on the second-to-last show of her current tour supporting her new album The Chronicles of Marnia, Marnie Stern started off with an apology: "My voice is shot." Not something you want to hear from a musician whose compositions are heavy on fast-paced, aggressive vocals. But after a couple of admittedly rough songs, Stern [...]

ToDo ToDay: 48 Hour Film Project! Collapser!

Sometimes the most daunting thing to an artist is an empty canvas, a blank page, or just a general lack of vision. If you’re a filmmaker, the best way to push through that barrier might be the 48 Hour Film Project. On a Friday night, participating artists are assigned a character, a prop, [...]

Tonight: Marnie Stern at the Rock & Roll Hotel

On her 2007 debut, In Advance of the Broken Arm, Marnie Stern introduced the world to her fierce guitar style, which is best described with overused, hyperbolic words like “shredding” and “wailing.” In other words, Stern’s bonafides are no joke. That much of her press revolves around the shouldn’t-be-remarkable-but-still-is fact that a (gasp!) woman can [...]

New Rock Doc Declares Jack White This Generation’s Guitar God

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Jimmy Page has a stronghold on the '70s, The Edge has the '80s cornered, and Jack White holds the title of the 21st century's definitive guitar god? Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim's (An Inconvenient Truth) latest doc, It Might Get Loud, chronicles each musician's work [...]

Interview: Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern's last release, This Is It..., has garnered her much critical acclaim, as well as a spot on Pitchfork's "50 Best Albums of 2008." This month she kicks off her tour in her native NYC. Wednesday, March 11, she's set to shred at DC9. Black Plastic Bag had the opportunity to chat with Stern [...]

Photos: Marnie Stern at DC9

For God's sake, can anyone write an article about Marnie Stern without mentioning that, ooooh, she's a woman who shreds on guitar? It might be uncommon, but come on, it's not like she's a freakin' alien or something.
Of course, while Stern herself has expressed some exasperation that her mere gender grabs all the headlines, [...]