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AFI DOCS Chooses Holbrook/Twain and Life Itself as Bookends

The festival formerly known as Silverdocs will open and close with biographies of two (or, depending on how you look at it, three) men who've made lifelong contributions to the arts. The world premiere of Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey, a Scott Teems-directed film about actor Hal Holbrook of "Mark Twain Tonight!," will kick off the festival at [...]

Arts Roundup: Samuel Clemens Edition

Chris Brown expected back in D.C. court. [AP]
Pacman and Peso return from North Korea, talk about experiences. [Guardian]
Here are some of the ways Mark Twain spent his short time in D.C. [Jack Limpert]
Reflecting on Shudder to Think's non-single single [AV Club]
Cool Mars rover images to go on view at Air and Space Museum. [AP]
The Washington [...]

Arts Roundup: TV Party Edition

Pigskins percussionist dies at age 53. [Post]
New book explores Mark Twain's years in D.C. [Arts Desk]
Ahhhh House of Cards director commentaries!! [Huffington Post]
Yeah, let's just watch TV all winter. [Post]

Mark Twain’s D.C.: The “D” Is for “Drinkopolis”

In 1867, Mark Twain arrived in D.C. the way a lot of journalists fresh to the town do: confident, eager to insinuate himself into the political class, and dead broke. “I had gone to Washington to write The Innocents Abroad," he wrote in his autobiography in 1906. “But before beginning that book it was necessary to [...]

Charlie Sheen at Constitution Hall: a FAQ

In the oral tradition of Mark Twain, a very well-to-do man is touring the country, taking stages with nothing but his wits. Unlike Twain, Charlie Sheen has not published any literature that forever changed the course of mankind, unless you count his Twitter feed. So you may be asking yourself, why would anyone pay to see [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Stranded in Dusseldorf’ Edition

Morning, readers.
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*Above, please witness a throwback music video courtesy of Exit Clov, whose new record, Memento Mori, has been making waves. (This one's a favorite of mine back from '07-'08. It's all about mind control! And the Picardy third.) To download the group's Morrissey [...]

Extending the Book: The Art of Extra-Illustration Opens at the Folger Library

The Folger Shakespeare Library opened a new exhibit this week, Extending the Book: The Art of Extra-Illustration, which explores “extra-illustration,” the practice of annotating a text with pictures of people and places who appear in the work.
The art form was especially popular in the 18th century, most notably in editions of Shakespeare’s plays, since there [...]