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Jazz Setlist, Sept. 19-25: Big Week for Big Names

Thursday, Sept. 19
September brings a definitive end to the D.C. jazz doldrums. The Thelonious Monk Competition occurs, the performing arts centers begin new seasons, and, of course, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation holds its Annual Legislative Conference and Jazz Issue Forum and Concert. Hosted by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), the Dean of the CBC and [...]

DC Jazz Festival: A Post-Mortem

The 2012 DC Jazz Festival landed amid a perfect storm. From the opening of The Hamilton—maybe the best thing ever to happen to the festival, but more on that later—and the reopening of the Howard Theatre to the increasing confidence and imagination of CapitalBop and the accession of Jazz at the Atlas to the proliferation of [...]

Picks for the DC Jazz Festival’s Opening Weekend

The goods at this year's DC Jazz Festival are fairly evenly distributed, so you won't have to fret the usual backload. (Well, there's still MegaFest, but we'll get to that later.) There's nothing slow about opening weekend, which offers a wealth of great music.
It's a new take on an old idea: The two-week incarnations of [...]