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Arts Roundup: Harry Schnipper Hearts Lincoln Theatre Edition

Blues Alley owner Harry Schnipper makes it known—again—that he's eyeballing Lincoln Theatre. Oh, and his historic jazz venue could possibly, maybe, potentially relocate. [Washington Business Journal]
WETA's Around Town talks Corcoran's "Pump Me Up" exhibit. [WETA via YouTube]
Towson's Recher Theatre to close for a revamping. [WTOP]
Dischord unloads some old Black Eyes archival material on its Tumblr page. [...]

Kirkus Is Dead, Long Live Relentless Positivism

Kirkus Reviews, the publication that booksellers, librarians, and mainstream reviewers used to determine what's worth selling, buying, and reviewing again, is dead. In its obituary for the esteemed publication, the New York Observer points out that it wasn't so esteemed at the time of its closing. In fact, some in the publishing industry downright loathed [...]

Arts Morning Roundup: Mocking Malcolm Gladwell

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Morning, y'all! Roundup's a little late today, as your pep pep had a helluva night. Top of the news pile: the Book World podcast is in trouble! Daniel Radcliffe fulfills early 2000s-era MAD magazine prophecy by morphing into Harry Pothead! Somebody get Mike Phelps [...]

Arts Morning Roundup: Ron Charles Prevails, Watchmen Sucks, Baseball Cards Are Expensive

Good morning, y'all! Top of the news pile has Maura Johnston leaving Idolator, and Ron Charles, aka, the muscle at Book World, getting his space in the Style section, goddamit. (For those of you who are not ravenously digesting R.C.'s every tweet: He nearly lost his slot in Style due to the insane number of [...]