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Art Basel Miami Experience

"Sleeping Exercise" presented by Marina Abramovic Institute in collaboration
with Fondation Beyeler, Dec. 5th, Art Basel Miami.  View the Full Art Basel Week Gallery.
All photos by © Matt Dunn, 2014.

Arts Roundup: Misplaced Power Edition

Morning, all. Happy Thursday to you!
Does the concept of performance art ever befuddle you? Me too. Marina Abramović, the self-proclaimed "grandmother of performance art" who's about to have a retrospective of her work at MOMA, sheds some light on the subject. She says that to be a performance artist, one has to hate theater, because [...]

Can Andrew Wodzianski Make Himself at Home in his Corporate-Sponsored Residential-Art Piece?

On Andrew Wodzianski’s fifth day living in a storefront window at 1318 U Street NW, I ask the artist a question he finds difficult to answer: How does he feel about the real estate company sponsoring the exhibit placing limitations on what he can and cannot do there?
He pauses for a while, and then begins [...]