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D.C. Band to Anti-Pot Rep. Andy Harris: “Have a Hit of This Bong”

"I know black voters scare you to death/And your constituents largely prefer meth."

Cypress Hill’s B-Real Talks Weed

Everybody knows about Cypress Hill. "How I Could Just Kill a Man." "Insane in the Brain." "Rap Superstar." But less known among non-fans and non-stoners are the group's efforts to educate the masses about the benefits of marijuana.
Prior to Cypress Hill's show at the Howard Theatre tonight and on the heels of Washington City Paper's [...]

“Dead Symphony No. 6″ @ Joseph Meyerhoff Hall

I wanted to avoid making anyone at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall feel like a spectacle, so I ducked into the gift shop to jot down a few notes. In the lobby, mostly middle-aged Baltimore Symphony Orchestra patrons milled about in tie-dye t-shirts, teashades, and sunflower dresses. At 7:14 p.m. I had detected my first [...]