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DC Jazz Festival: A Post-Mortem

The 2012 DC Jazz Festival landed amid a perfect storm. From the opening of The Hamilton—maybe the best thing ever to happen to the festival, but more on that later—and the reopening of the Howard Theatre to the increasing confidence and imagination of CapitalBop and the accession of Jazz at the Atlas to the proliferation of [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sep. 22-28: The Caucus

Thursday, Sep. 22
It's the stealth jazz event of the year, the in-the-know concert that more often than not proves just how many people in this town are well-informed when it comes to jazz. Yes, every year the Congressional Black Caucus hosts its legislative conference in downtown Washington, bringing in leaders of the African-American community from [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 5-11: In Sight of the White House

Thursday, May 5
Huh? Why would a column about D.C. jazz carry a photo of one of the city's historical sites, Decatur House on Lafayette Square near the White House? Why, I'm delighted that you asked. It's because Decatur House is the site of one of D.C.'s least appreciated summer jazz traditions, Jazz on Jackson Place. [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 29 – May 5: Vijay Iyer, Marcus Strickland and More

Thursday, April 29
Pianist Vijay Iyer, perhaps the moment's most critically acclaimed jazz musician under 40, has taken several different paths with his music, including extensive work with avant-garde visionaries Steve Coleman and Wadada Leo Smith. Among his most frequent and fruitful explorations, though, is of his Indian heritage, filtered through jazz's language. It's something he's [...]

Jazz Setlist: Nov. 5 – 11

Nov. 5
Once upon a time it seemed that New Orleans trumpeter Nicholas Payton was the reincarnation of Louis Armstrong, with his bright virtuosic phrases and Big Easy swing. Then came 2003's Sonic Trance and last year's Into the Blue, which transplanted Payton into slow, spacy fusion jams that had more in common with Bitches Brew [...]

Marcus Strickland at Blues Alley

Saxophonist Marcus Strickland was named as one of JazzTimes magazine's "New Visionaries" this month, partially for his pedigrees in funk and hip-hop as well as jazz. As if to demonstrate this, last night at Blues Alley he played songs by Stevie Wonder ("She's Got It Bad") and OutKast ("She's Alive") back-to-back. It surprised even Strickland: [...]