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Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s The Devil in His Own Words, Reviewed

The devil hates heavy metal, it turns out.

Shear Madness’ Stage Antics

For this week's issue, I reported an oral history of the Kennedy Center's longrunning production of Shear Madness. Among the people I talked to was Kim Peter Kovac, who today is the producer and director of the Theater for Young Audiences Program. Back in 1987, Kovak was the production manager of the Theater Lab, a [...]

“If You Want to Feel What a Theater Rock Show Is, This Is It”: Taffety Punk’s Bootleg Shakespeare

Othello doing karaoke. Troubadours singing “Dust in the Wind” as a eulogy. Hamlet descending in a hot air balloon. If this doesn’t sound like your usual Shakespeare, then, well, it wasn't meant to be. Taffety Punk is what happens when a classically trained theater company meets punk rock, and its "Bootleg Shakespeare" productions fall [...]

Taffety Punk’s A Q&A With Director Marcus Kyd

Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s—opening tonight—combines a lot of potentially cringe-worthy elements: death, modern dance, and people who seek empathy on the Web. But the new play, directed by Marcus Kyd, uses actual quotes from online suicide forums detailing last goodbyes to suicide techniques and offers a compelling synthesis of text, dialogue and dance. With [...]

Two Years After Nearly Dying, Beauty Pill Leader Writes Songs for a Play About Suicide

In late 2007, Chad Clark found himself in the emergency room, convulsing from a fever that had lasted six days. "I was shaking like the characters in Jacob’s Ladder," he says. Clark, leader of the group Beauty Pill, felt like he was dying, he says, and his doctors had no clue how to diagnose him, [...]