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Laugh Track: Two Local Comedians Get a Very Early Start

“For me, stand-up comedy is a lot like sex,” says the freckled comic behind the microphone at Dupont Circle’s Townhouse. He pauses while a few people chuckle at the crowded bar. “It’s super awkward for everyone involved, you’re going to laugh at me the whole time, and it’s only going to last about three minutes.”
This has [...]

ToDo ToDay: Georges Braque and a Clash History Lesson

The power duo isn’t just a politics thing. The art world has plenty of its own, including Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. The two artists developed the style known as cubism, and together transformed the way we look at objects in art. Though Picasso gradually moved on, Braque continued exploring analytic cubism until his death [...]

Talk Back in Anger: A Conversation with Marc Maron

For years, comedian Marc Maron watched his contemporaries—Louis C.K., Dave Attell, Sarah Silverman—pass him by. He never got a big movie role, never got a series, blew his meeting with Lorne Michaels about Saturday Night Live. He had problems with anger. He was addicted to drugs.
Things turned around for him in a big way four [...]

ToDo ToDay: Laurie Anderson! Free Ice Cream!

Laurie Anderson tells great stories. Yeah, she’s also a musician, inventor, performance artist, sculptor, and painter, but strange narratives remain central to her work. Her new composition, Scenes From My New Novel, is filled with sonic bon mots: A collaboration with the venerable experimental ensemble Kronos Quartet, the work focuses on text that got turned into [...]

Marc Maron Finally Has a Career, But He’s Not Necessarily Happy

Marc Maron is doing well. If you asked the influential stand-up if he'd be in this place three years ago, he would have said no. He probably would have screamed no, actually. He's a passionate man. That passion has led him to a super-successful podcast, a critically acclaimed new album, another book in the works, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Homeric Edition

This fall, producer Oddisee roamed abroad, touring Europe with Mello Music labelmates The Left and Apollo Brown and performing material from his upcoming solo album, People Hear What They See. On the surface, Oddisee’s recent schedule seems like a walk in the park for the busy Upper Marlboro native, who arranges songs and makes beats for [...]

The Set-Up and Punchline Don’t Matter: An Interview With Sean Patton

Sean Patton is going to be around for a while. He's been on stages for more than 10 years and is "pretty much a nomad," he says. He got his start in a not-exactly-thriving New Orleans scene in 2001, first at a weekly open mic, developing new material for each appearance. Within a year he [...]