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Vitamin A: Fred Folsom’s “Last Call”

In which one of our art critics highlights a favorite work on view in a local gallery
"The Constant Artist" captures the lives, words, and product of several prominent D.C. artists from various points across decades. Photographs and interviews are the work of Paul Feinberg, and the paintings on the wall are the works of his [...]

Reviewed: “Washington Realism” at Carroll Square Gallery

“Washington Realism” bills itself, accurately, as an exhibit in which the artists ignore the “glitz and glam” of Washington’s political culture. One could also say that, to a large extent, it ignores Washington, D.C., itself. The 10 artists included in the exhibit were all D.C.-based, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that from the work on [...]

Memorial for Manon Cleary Scheduled for Jan. 20

A memorial has been scheduled for Manon Cleary, the longtime D.C. figurative painter who died at the end of November.
The event will be held at the Arts Club of Washington at 2017 I St. NW on Friday, Jan. 20. It runs from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. The invitation went out on Facebook and is available [...]

Manon Cleary, 1942-2011

Manon Cleary depicted her life in stages. Through her realistic paintings, she captured herself in grim and vivid detail—in love, in happiness, and in despair. Her body always served as the origin for her art, and while her body began failing her years ago, it never failed her work. She didn’t shy away from [...]

Manon Cleary’s Long History with the Patron Saint of Adams Morgan—Rats

When I began looking into the fracas that derailed a proposed public artwork that would've stood in the plaza at 18th Street and Columbia Road, an editor here suggested I pay particularly close attention to the rodent angle—some opponents of James Simon's Bicycle Musician sculpture took issue with its inclusion of a small bronze rat [...]

Manon Cleary: Bicycle Musician Artist’s Rats “Look Like Dinosaur Embryos with Tails”

For this week's print Washington City Paper, I wrote about a proposed piece of public artwork, Bicycle Musician, that would've stood in the plaza at the northeast corner of 18th Street and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan. The work by Pittsburgh artist James Simon was derailed by a letter-writing campaign last fall—at least partially because [...]