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Listen to Incwell’s Eclectic New Project, Mahjong Rockstars

A narrative that feels deeper than today's "turn up" rap, inspired by musicians whose faces were probably on your college dorm room's walls

Listen: On “4G,” Mambo Sauce Vents About the State of Go-Go

Go-go is in peril. Once the city's dominant genre, it's being pushed out to venues in Prince George's and Charles counties. Any go-go band could tell you that promoters are increasingly shying away from it, partly because of the genre's reputation for attracting violence. And as gentrification continues to take hold, there's an uncertainty facing [...]

Watch: Black Boo, “I Don’t Like Dallas”

The Washington Pigskins haven't been to the playoffs since 2008, when Coach Joe Gibbs tried to recreate the team's glory years of the 1980s. In the seasons following Gibbs' second retirement, the Skins haven't even been close to advancing to the postseason. So when they play the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday night, it's clearly the [...]

Listen: Twink Drumz, “Work Hard, Play Hard”

Released in April, "Work Hard, Play Hard" from Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa was a formulaic brag, on which he rehashed several overdone motifs: swag, living fast, and stacks of cash. "I got so much money I should start a bank," he rhymed, "So much paper right in front of me, it's hard to think."
That track [...]

“He Brought Joy to the City”: D.C. Toasts Chuck Brown at the Howard Theatre

It's 9:22 p.m., and the crowd is euphoric. At this point, the nostalgic partygoers have already danced themselves into a frenzy.
Then "Bustin' Loose," Chuck Brown's 1979 hit, explodes from the speakers in front of the Howard Theatre. The crowd sways and sings along, and a mini Soul Train line forms in front of the building.
That's [...]

Arts Roundup: Doin’ It After Dark Edition

Ron Charles' kaleidoscopic adventures through the world of BDSM-lit fandom. [Post]
In the former home of an NBA player in Potomac, Md., Lenny Campello detects some bad art. [Daily Campello Art News]
Scoutmob's vote for the District's official anthem: Mambo Sauce's "Welcome to D.C." They deemed "Rock Creek Park" too sexy. [Scoutmob]
Two new Animal Collective songs! [Pitchfork]
How to [...]

It Takes a Village to Make a Mixtape

Javier Starks isn't a look-at-me rapper. He's nothing if not respectful, even referring to his male peers as "sir." And while Starks is energetic, he often keeps to himself in public, quietly reciting his own rhymes or studying the performances onstage.
Perhaps that humble demeanor made it easier to secure guest spots for his Faces of [...]

Arts Roundup: Mouse Ears Edition

Deadmi5e: FreeFest! Fifty thousand fans showed up, Arts Desk's Ramon Ramirez and Chris Klimek were tweeting, the Washington Post filed this report, and yet no one has explained to me what, exactly, is the point of Deadmau5. Perhaps I will get satisfaction later today, when Ramirez and Klimek post their reactions to the annual concert.
Devil Hands [...]

Mambo Sauce Goes to Work

It's been almost two years since local go-go band Mambo Sauce dropped The Recipe. Since then, the group has gone on tour with SOJA—a Virginia-based reggae outfit—and landed a gig as the house band for the Up and Up Open Mic at LIV each Tuesday. Yesterday, Mambo Sauce released its video for "Work," a definite [...]

Download: Twink’s KanyeNay East: A Snares & Kixtape

If you know Patricia "Twink" Little, then you know how much she loves Kanye West. "I used to joke that I would marry Kanye," Twink says. "And if we had kids, one of them would be named KanyeNay."
So it should come as no surprise that Twink's debut project—KanyeNay East: A Snares & Kixtape—is a tribute to the [...]