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Arts Roundup: Getting the Band Back Together Edition

Quiet down, rumor mill, 'cause it's official: The Make-Up will play Black Cat Sept. 20. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon. [Black Cat]
Katherine Goldstein, who's engaged to Dismemberment Plan singer Travis Morrison, writes a column about how she unwittingly walked into a relationship with a rock star. The comments, predictably, are brutal. [Slate]
A scene [...]

Photos: The Make-Up and Kid Congo Powers @ Comet Ping Pong

The band on the poster was "Garbage Zone" from Coeur D'Alene, Md., but nobody seemed surprised Saturday night at Comet Ping-Pong when The Make-Up walked out in black suits. "We're a tribute band," announced frontman Ian Svenonius to the 100 or so fans. Fine, but it was gratifying to hear a Make-Up that still sounds like The [...]

Mike Watt on Jamming Econo, and D.C. Bands on Their Favorite Vans

Mike Watt is surely the world's foremost philosopher on the Ford Econoline.
"The boat, man, it’s the center of the touring universe," says the bassist and singer, who played in the great post-punk band Minutemen and has toured the country in at least four Econolines.  "Without that you don’t get from the last show to the [...]