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Openings: Maida Withers and Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Even though the holidays are looming, this week's arts openings have managed to stay pretty nonseasonal. But this weekend is also heavy on short performances and shows—I can only assume because of the looming apocalypse. So get out there and enjoy a choreographed pillow fight and a scandalous French play while you still can.
D.C. choreographer [...]

Take It to the Bridge, Week 9: Occupy

In each of the last nine weeks you could say that artists have occupied the Corcoran. Well, at least they've occupied the bridge over its entryway. With that in mind, for the final installment of "Take It to the Bridge," dancer Maida Withers aims to perform a work inspired by the Occupy movement. For her [...]

Not What Comes to Mind When You Think of Dance Films

Over the past couple of years, some friends and I would get together on an irregular basis to watch dance films—from a variety of eras, countries, and styles. We loved it. But every time I’d invite newcomers, they’d have to be convinced to try it. Invariably, they’d get into it. But first, there'd be that [...]

Clip Jobs: How Choreographers in D.C. Use, Misuse, and Overuse Video

It’s a November evening at Dance Place in Brookland, and a crowd has packed the theater to see some good modern dance. Certainly, it’s in for some: The program’s relentlessly innovative performer—dancer, choreographer, and George Washington University professor Maida Withers—is, at 74, D.C.’s grand dame of dance. And for the first half of the program [...]

Maida Withers at Dance Place This Afternoon

The press release for this weekend’s performance describes her alternately as “Washington’s dance diva” and “the iconoclast of Washington dance,” but I like to think of Maida Withers as DC’s grand dame of dance. No matter how one feels about Withers—and just about everyone in the city familiar with dance knows her and has an [...]

Dance Place Turns 30, and Its Directors Reflect

On Saturday night, Dance Place celebrates its 30th anniversary—not with a performance, but with a gala.  This benefit event for this D.C. non-profit home of modern, hip-hop, and other dance styles will feature music by local Latin band Rumba Club and DJ Glowstick.  Jim Byers, Artisphere’s marketing director and the host of WPFW’s "Latin Flavor" [...]