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ToDo ToDay: Stephen Colbert! Street Art! Comedy!

There’s only one person who thinks that he can “singlebookedly” restore America to the greatness that it never had, and it’s Stephen Colbert. The mock pundit and host of The Colbert Report has penned another dictum on the state of the union: America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t. It takes all the bombastic opinions that Colbert [...]

Photos: The Magnetic Fields @ Lisner Auditorium

The last show the Magnetic Fields played before last night was at Lisner Auditorium at the end of their 2008 tour. Here's their return to GWU's campus, kicking off a two-month-long 2010 tour, in photos. More after the jump.

How Fucking Romantic: Writing Love Letters with Magnetic Fields Lyrics

Love is complicated. Expressing one’s emotions can be even more problematic. When Magnetic Fields songwriter Stephin Merritt penned the high-concept exercise 69 Love Songs, he tackled the subject from varying perspectives and a clinical distance. As the band's show tonight at the Lisner Auditorium falls a mere week before Valentines Day weekend, it’s in the [...]

Festival Watch: Smell Anniversary Fest, Sounds Like Brooklyn, Noise Pop

Neon Hates You/Smell Anniversary Fest: The Smell is the sort of DIY space that makes a scene. All ages, with a bent toward the experimental and interesting, this L.A. spot is about to mark its 12th anniversary with a weekend festival (Jan. 22 and 23) that seems heavy on the stuff [...]

Arts Roundup: Christmastime for the Jews Edition

Hello! Tomorrow is Christmas!
Surely many of you will be busy unwrapping presents and donning ugly sweaters and eating delicious things, but not I! See, I'm Jewish, and I've already had my seasonal allotment of gifts and comfort food. But for members of the tribe, there's still plenty to do tonight and tomorrow, including:
- Movies and [...]

The Sleigher: Magnetic Fields’ “Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree”

HO HO WHO: NME just posted this Christmas-themed cut from Realism, the upcoming album from Stephin Merritt's inimitable indie-pop project Magnetic Fields. Merritt says the (largely secular) album is somewhat inspired by the folk singer Judy Collins' variety records, although the disc strikes the Sleigher as the least conceptual Magnetic Fields record in over a [...]

Festival Watch: Tamworth, Noise Pop, Sasquatch!

2010 Tamworth Country Music Festival: Holy Keith Urban do Australians love them some country music! Don’t believe us? Check out the Web site for this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival. According to these folks, their event is “[p]ossibly the biggest party in the whole of Australia…a mighty, large beast” which “almost [...]