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Arts Roundup: Muslim President Edition

During one of her concerts at Verizon Center, Madonna referred to President Barack Obama as a "black Muslim." Er. [Post]
Dog mural in Arlington deemed too promotional to be art. [WJLA]
Mood Lounge loses its liquor license. [DCist]
See Signature's Best Little Whorehouse in Texas for cheap(er)! [Post]
National Harbor launches a shuttle service. [Washington Business Journal]
Comedian Lewis Black [...]

Arts Roundup: StoryCorps Edition

Ready your tear ducts: StoryCorps is coming to Arlington's Columbia Pike Branch Library till Oct. 20 [Patch]
Hey, Nationals: Verizon Center paid for Metro to run late after Madonna... [DCist]
...and former City Paper columnist Dave McKenna was there to capture it all. [Post]
Community groups to Ralph Nader: Stop screwing with West End Library! [Post]
WaPo dunks its [...]

Madonna Concert Sells Out, Second Show Added

Tickets to Madonna's Sept. 23 show at Verizon Center went on sale this morning—and sold out tout de suite, naturally (I even went on Fox 5 News to talk about it). But a second Madonna show has been added on Sept. 24. Yeah, this is not surprising at all. Tickets go on sale Feb. 21.

Arts Roundup: Steely Dan Edition

White Chick to the Rescue: Having witnessed a mugging, Glittarazzi CEO Kelly Ann Collins tries her costume-bejeweled hand at righteous indignation.
Ring the Alarm: The local paper of record has lost its digital director, Raju Narisetti. Who shall capture the tin crown?
Tongue on Floor: WaPo's David Malitz really, really, really liked Monday's Thurston Moore show at Black Cat.
Dirty Work: [...]

Travis Morrison, HuffPo Blogger

You can bet that when he comes to D.C. in January for a handful of shows with the reunited Dismemberment Plan, Travis Morrison will be listening to Miles Davis. Why? Because he's working through the legendary jazz man's reallllllly long discography—just as he's done recently with Bob Dylan, Madonna, Bjork, Led Zep, and a bunch [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Pirate Broadway and Win a Prize’ Edition

Morning, readers. My gripe of the day is that I haven't seen A Behanding in Spokane yet and fear that I may miss it altogether. My buddy checked it out, though, and says it's just about the greatest. Do me a favor: if you're in Manhattan, or close by, and can smuggle your Flipcam into [...]

What is the Proper Etiquette for a Book Burning?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, N.C., held an old-fashioned book burning last week (above is an AP video on the same).
Now, my people didn't burn books when I was growing up, but my youth pastor did ask me to toss my copy of Pyromania, and my grandfather, an [...]

Music 2008: Melody Records Sells a Boatload of Madonna

Below: this year's top-sellers at Melody Records. Glad to see Gnarls on there; chagrined to see Coldplay; not surprised to see either; curious whether any other stores were able to move the Hancock album like this.

Madonna, Hard Candy
Coldplay, Viva la Vida
Erykah Badu, New Amerykah Part One
Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
Portishead, Third
Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hudson
Amy Winehouse, [...]