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DC Jazz Festival: The Lofty Ambitions of CapitalBop’s MegaFest

Saturday was the day of CapitalBop's 11-hour MegaFest at 629 New York Ave. NW. Unable to attend the full event, I instead stopped in every couple of hours to get a sense of it and enjoy the goings-on. Here are my impressions of each visit.
3:49 p.m. The setup here is pretty neat. It's a huge [...]

Jazz Setlist, November 10-16: Swing Kids

Thursday, November 10
It seems that Troy Andrews' star is on the rise. At least in terms of the name he works under: Trombone Shorty. Perhaps you know him from his appearances at the DC Jazz Festival, or from his appearances on the round of late-night talk shows. Perhaps you're one of the (apparently) few people [...]