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Photos: Mayhem Fest @ Jiffy Lube Live

The Rockstar Mayhem Festival is designed to allow maximum intake of heavy music, ranging from tech metal to hard rock to metalcore to pure schlock. Yesterday, the main stage—Jiffy Lube Live's enormous amphitheater—hosted four relatively big-name bands in the evening: Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, and Amon Amarth.
Earlier in the day, 11 lesser-known—and in [...]

Photos: Metallica @ Verizon Center last night

(Full set of photos at Flickr.)
In my City Lights pick of The Sword at Rock & Roll Hotel, I didn't really have particularly glowing things to say about Metallica. Like many metalheads, I'm a big fan of their early material, up to and actually including the Black Album, but they completely lost me after that. [...]