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Arts Roundup: Transatlantic Theatrah Edition

'Ello! The Shakespeare Theatre Company's Harmon Hall will host two high-profile British plays next season in what WaPo's Peter Marks describes as a coup for the organization. No longer, it seems, is the Kennedy Center the only D.C. destination for marquee productions from across the pond. The Great Game: Afghanistan opens Sept. 12 and Black [...]

Arts Roundup: Hunter S. Thompson Hates Technology Edition

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Morning, readers. And Happy Mardi Gras.
*Today in Posthumousness: Hunter S. Thompson calls audio-video establishment, begins to voice coherent complaint, wavers, descends into blabbering rage, threatens to ruin audio-video establishment by writing about it. (Audio portion above.) Here, the good Doctor might've benefited from M.I.A.'s [...]

Keeping It Real: Suggestions for M.I.A.’s Next Single

What kind of megastar makes her own tech support calls? The kind that aggressively keeps shit real, apparently. In an interview with Rolling Stone, M.I.A. explains how a three-hour phone call with Verizon led to "I'm Down Like Your Internet Connection," a track from her forthcoming follow-up to Kala. And in a very Nicholas Kristof [...]

Don’t Overwork, Don’t Overthink: The Very Best @ DC9

Western pop music, says producer Johan Karlberg, "wouldn't be the same if we weren’t influenced by African or Middle Eastern music. But if you argue too much about these things, you’re thinking too hard and not listening."
Karlberg is Swedish, Etienne Tron (his partner in the production duo Radioclit) is French, singer Esau Mwamwaya is Malawian, and [...]