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This Week in WCP Arts: Robert Hosea Williams, Ai Weiwei, Chuck Brown

Ryan Little leads this week's arts section with his look at the career of Robert Hosea Williams, a recording engineer whose exquisite, long lost recordings of '70s D.C. soul have now seen the light of day. Kriston Capps reviews two installations by Ai Weiwei, the wry, political Chinese artist who spent part of 2011 detained [...]

Lungfish May or May Not Be Infinite

In promoting A.C.R. 1999, a new release of some long-shelved Lungfish recordings, the folks at Dischord say the following: "The band is renowned for intense creative productivity, releasing albums annually from the years 1992–2000. But what is not generally known is that volumes of Lungfish material never saw the light of day." That's right, y'all, [...]

Dan Higgs Joins Skull Defekts On 2013-3012

As space travelers already know, Dan Higgs, mystic guru of the psych-punk legends Lungfish, joined The Skull Defekts to provide heavily bearded vocals for their most recent tour. Fellow Lungfish member Asa Osborne opened many of the shows with his ecstatic Casio-drone solo project, Zomes. But the magic didn't stop there! The two Dischord vets [...]

Arts Roundup: Tribalism Edition

Look Back and Laugh: Two worthwhile interviews with  people named MacKaye. Ian has a long conversation with Tablet (!) about the devotional side of punk rock. Key quote: "Straight up, I think music is sacred. I think music is a form of communication that predates language. Music predates religion, it predates business, it predates all [...]

Lungfish’s The Unanimous Hour, Reissued

Finally, you can stop weeping martian brine! Lungfish's The Unanimous Hour is getting reissued this summer on both vinyl and CD. That's right, the bearded prophet Dan Higgs has willed more physical reproductions of Lungfish's extraterrestrial tunes into existence, and assuming you pick up a copy from Dischord, your record player will become one with [...]

Zomes Is Not Done Exploring the Cosmos

Former Lungfish guitarist Asa Osborne has continued to plumb the meditative depths of the universe with his solo project Zomes. Four years after Zomes' eponymous debut, Osborne has a new single called "Openings" from the album Earth Grid, out on Thrill Jockey. It's a repetitive instrumental in the same overdriven Casiotone vein as before, which means [...]

At Least 11 People Want Dischord to Reissue Some Lungfish

I'm No. 12. Dischord's been steadily remastering its catalog and reissuing it on vinyl and mp3, but it hasn't yet gotten to Baltimore's gnostic rock weirdos Lungfish. Former WCP contributer and Austin American-Statesman reporter Joe Gross has put out the call on Facebook. Meanwhile, frontman Daniel Higgs' recent solo record on Thrill Jockey, Say God,  [...]

Clip Job: Five Off-the-Wall Collaborative Performances

There's more to life than gigs.
A handful of area musicians are keeping that notion in mind this weekend, stepping outside their comfort zones for collaborative, one-night-only performances. There's Zomes, the drone-y project of Lungfish's Asa Osborne, which performs tonight at the Writer's Center in Bethesda as part of the ongoing Story/Stereo series. For the performance, [...]

Story/Stereo Announces Two New Shows

Story/Stereo—a concert/reading series that pairs local musicians with local writers/poets—just announced two new events.
First, Asa Osborne—formerly of Baltimore gnostic/punk quartet Lungfish—will perform with his guitar/organ project, Zomes. Lisa Selin Davis will read. That's kind of a tough gig, though, considering the last person to put words in or around Osborne's music was Dan Higgs.
Then, in [...]

Love is Love is Love

Three takes on one concept, in honor of Valentines Day.

Alemayno Eshintay
"Love is Love"
From the Mississippi Records compilation Love is Love.

"Love is Love"
From the record Love is Love, out on Dischord.
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