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ToDo ToDay: Metz! Baseball Musicals!

It’s easy to harp on the '90s as the golden age of indie rock, where screeching DIY bands championed the home-rooted growth of small label, like Seattle’s Sub Pop. Many years of lukewarm releases later, Sub Pop has gone back to its roots by signing schizophrenic rock bands whose main priority is a live set [...]

A Tale of Two Rivers

Writing songs about rivers is nothing new–there are countless cultural and metaphorical implications attached to the aquatic highway, and it's a really handy pastoral picture that most everyone can understand. When a familiar songwriter who has been in the D.C. area for ages decides to name his folksy band with the watery image, it's not [...]

Arts Roundup: Millions Edition

Worried about the funding of the Smithsonian with the Republicans controlling the House? Maybe the $30 million gift from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will put your mind at ease. The gift will go toward online educational programs targeted for underserved communities.
First 9:30 Club launched its own record label; now Jammin Java. The Go! Team label's [...]

Local Venue Label Watch!: Jammin’ Java Launches Go Team! Records

Looks like 9:30 Records has some company. Jammin' Java, the singer-songwritery club in Vienna, Va., announced this week that it's started its own label: Go Team! Records.
The first signee? Melodic folkies Deep River, the band of Luke Brindley—whose brothers Daniel and Jonathan own Jammin' Java. The band will celebrate its new album, Ten Mornings, at a [...]