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Arts Roundup: More Public Art Edition

In his 2014-2019 Capital Improvement Plan, Mayor Vince Gray proposes a $2.3 million annual increase to public art budget. []
At the Hay-Adams, wannabe Corcoran chairman Wayne Reynolds makes his $10,000 pitch—and says the institution has a hush-hush deal with the University of Maryland. [Post]
Gold Leaf Studios' Mike Abrams opens his newest space, Union Arts. [D.C. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Teatime Jamboree! Pig Destroyer Beer! Questlove!

Nothing screams spring like a country hoedown, and that’s exactly what the gang from D.C. podcast and live talk show You, Me, Them, Everybody has planned for its takeover of the Mansion at Strathmore. In addition to comedy, the group is also planning an Easter egg hunt, a series of craft activities led by Morgan Hungerford [...]

Photos: Jucifer @ Black Cat Backstage

The sludgy husband-and-wife duo that is Jucifer plays D.C. every January like clockwork, but this year felt somehow different. For one thing, their infamous wall-of-noise performance, which bears little relationship to their recorded output, lasted for at least an hour and fifteen minutes on Monday night—an eternity for a band that typically plays 30- to [...]

ToDo ToDay: Jared Diamond! Free Wine!

Is there anything humans living in the 21st century can learn from the traditional societies that came before us? Best-selling author Jared Diamond believes we can. His latest book, The World Until Yesterday: Can We Learn From Traditional Societies?, considers the last 11,000 years an evolutionary eye-blink during which modern societies have gone from traditional and very [...]

Categorizing the Music at Tomorrow’s Cricket Cemetery Showcase

D.C.’s Cricket Cemetery label hawks emerging hardcore and indie punk with defiant swagger. Its lack of a prevailing studio ideology is served well when the imprint rolls the dice on, say, a meticulous, structured EP that aims for harmonies. Make no mistake, the label's showcase at Black Cat Saturday will be loud, but also fair and [...]

Listen: Washerwoman’s Debut Seven-Inch

In this week's Washington City Paper—our annual Best of D.C. issue—I've got all kinds of praise for Cricket Cemetery Records, which over the last year has grown from a great boutique hardcore label into, um, a great boutique hardcore-plus-other-stuff label. Cricket Cemetery has a bunch of releases the spring, and selections from most of them [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Totally Liszt-Less

It’s hard to argue with food writer Michael Pollan’s most famous directive: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Those first seven words of a 2007 New York Times Magazine essay helped make Pollan America’s leading culinary intellectual. The instructions were to be a simple answer to the complicated question of what to eat. But [...]

Meet a New Label: Cricket Cemetery Records

Cricket Cemetery is Ian Thompson's first record label, but it isn't the first based out of the Arlington house he currently lives in. That distinction goes to Lovitt Records.
But Thompson's new project, a home for hardcore and "anything loud," is more austere than most labels, even in this punk town: "I only do 300 copies [...]