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ToDo ToDay: Eleanor Friedberger! Low!

Her long bangs and knowing face might suggest Eleanor Friedberger has a don’t-mess-with-me punk-rock attitude, but don’t lump her in with other 21st century Ramones: Friedberger rocks a little quieter. She recently released her feelings-fueled second album, Personal Record, which is driven by Friedberger’s meticulous songwriting and invokes a bit of [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs For Quietly Disappearing

Whether you're a ghostly apparition, a hyper-vivid memory, or even a vision of a paternal, anthropomorphic cloud, there comes a point where you need to fade away. After you give your life-changing advice or sternly and mysteriously warn the protagonist to "take heed," you've got to make your exit. Rather than offering over-the-top melodrama, here [...]

Red Red Meat/Obits @ SXSW

If Tim Rutili's doesn't have the most harmonious singing voice, but it's certainly one of the most distinctive, or just the flat-out weirderst. On his records with Califone and the long defunct Red Red Meat his words are always slurred, as if he's somehow singing them backwards and forwards at the same time. I had [...]

What’s New @ Red Onion

There are tons of awesome new/old vinyl at Red Onion. We just got the e-mail. You wanna race for that gospel comp on vinyl? Don't worry there's more. Lots more. The man's got some cool reissue psych folk and some Mexican psych-punk, the new Love Is All, a bunch of Low LPs, and so on.