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On Bronze Horse, Kaimbr Pays Homage to Wu-Tang Clan

This dirty mix sounds like a cassette.

Kev Brown Faces Heartbreak on His Melancholy New Project

Halfway through Kev Brown's new EP, we hear Stevie Wonder's unmistakable tenor, belting out a sentimental live version of his 1969 song, "Give Your Love." Moments later, we hear Stevie again, except Brown has altered the singer's voice to sound like someone completely different.
It's the most familiar aspect of Brown's Untitled Heartbreak Project, a 13-minute [...]

Listen: Kev Brown’s Brazil Dedication

Landover, Md., producer Kev Brown recorded last summer's South Africa Dedication during a trip to the country. In December, Brown went to Sao Paulo for what he thought would be a two-week trip. He wound up staying there for two months. "I spent a lot of time in Brazil making joints," Brown tells Arts Desk. "So it [...]

DMV Beats: Logic, Sean Born and Dunc, Sheezy Beatz, Lyriciss, Gods’Illa, and Rock Creek Social Club

Logic, On and On
"Bitches they only care 'bout the flow," raps Def Jam MC Logic during the chorus of the harp-accented "Two Kings," a new track featuring Cleveland's King Chip up on Soundcloud. And, really, the song is more about flow than anything else; the only linguistically noteworthy moment might be his use of culero [...]

DMV Beats: Bustin’ Down the Door in 2013

Winter Fresh Releases
Let's be honest, 2012 was a down year for D.C. hip-hop. There were many decent local rap releases to choose from, but not many stellar ones. Oddisee's People Hear What They See was certainly the best of the bunch, but he lives in New York now, so can we still call him "local?"
On [...]

Listen: Quartermaine’s Quarter Life Crisis

Hip-hop was built on bragging, but somewhere along the way, rappers started living beyond their means. No longer was it cool to rhyme about the struggles of everyday life; by the late-1990s, MCs had transitioned to the pursuit and glorification of cars, clothes, and jewelry.
There's nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things, but how many [...]

Listen: Kev Brown’s Soulful Ode to South Africa

There's a YouTube clip in which veteran Brooklyn rapper Busta Rhymes effusively praises Landover, Md., producer Kev Brown. "He gave me like 2,000 beats, and I've got five unbelievable joints with the homie Kev Brown!" Busta exclaims.
Brown stood stoic, taking it all in. The producer doesn't say much, and his name rarely arises when folks discuss the DMV's [...]

Free Download: A Low Budget Christmas

Kev Brown, Kaimbr, and Roddy Rod ring in the holidays.

New Low Budget Mixtape

More twitter action for today: producer Oddisee just dropped this out of left field mixtape from DMV underground hip hop collective Low Budget. Tagged only mixtape ii, DJs Roddy Rod and Marshall Law run down a gang of tracks from local backpack rap favorites like Kev Brown and Ken Starr. And, yes, it's mixed, with [...]