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“We’re Not ‘After Rock'”: A Chat with the Mercury Program

The Mercury Program's vibes-laden, melodic prog has been a valuable asset to the instrumental rock scene since the late '90s, but it's been an awful long time since the group kicked out its dreamy jams in D.C. The band has been on hiatus for several years due to all the usual grownup reasons, but it's [...]

Q&A: Fin Fang Foom

Most bands break up for pretty silly reasons—money issues, personality conflicts, longstanding arguments about whether or not to play free-jazz.
North Carolina trio Fin Fang Foom, on the other hand, has encountered some very real and serious obstacles. The band's original drummer, Peter Enriquez, passed away in an automobile accident. In 2004 guitarist Michael Triplett spent [...]

Q&A: Denali

It's not that Denali broke up because it ran out of ideas. No, the Richmond, Virginia quartet had plenty of those–enough to fuel several band's worth of melancholy indie-rock. Having enough time for those projects, on the other hand, was a problem. Founding members Keeley Davis and Jonathan Fuller departed from the band in '03 [...]

Frodus Is Back(!) And Playing Murky Coffee On Wednesday

Big News: Frodus is playing Murky Coffee in Arlington on Wednesday night. Yes, Frodus is back together, at least temporarily.
Show starts around 9. Get there early.
We just talked to Shelby Cinca and got the back story on this surprise reunion. Apparently, the ground work for a full-fledged reunion show started last October at the Embassy [...]