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Jason Hamacher, a Punk “Drummer With a Camera,” Is Now a Syrian-Art Preservationist

It’s spring’s first balmy Saturday evening, and the Convergence parking lot is packed. The Alexandria church and community arts center regularly hosts punk shows for neighborhood teens, but today, the reception area is filled with an incongruous combination of young church families, foreign dignitaries, and 30-something punks in Replacements T-shirts and full-sleeve tattoos. Meanwhile, the [...]

Arts Roundup: Donald Byrd Edition

The nephew-in-law of Donald Byrd (founder of D.C. group The Blackbyrds) posted on Facebook that the jazz trumpeter died in Delaware on Monday, and blogs immediately began circulating his post as breaking news. But no media outlets have been able to confirm it with the musician's immediate family. Regardless, the Guardian ran an obit, acknowledging, basically, [...]

Punk News: Regents Records Sweet Collabo for All About Friends Forever

Seattle punk fan Carrie Whitney was one of the countless diehards that decided to launch a zine back in the '90s. She called hers Point Furthest From The Middle. Then in 1997 she released a compilation of hardcore bands—many of them friends—in conjunction with the zine. She called it All About Friends, and it included [...]

Soccer Team Returns With 3 Songs

Nov. 21 is basically Punk Rock Day. There's the new Evens 7-inch, which is the first release from the duo of Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina in five years, and the new Office of Future Plans full-length, the debut of the J. Robbins-led quartet—both releases are out on Dischord Records. Also out that day is [...]

PG. 99 Bring Screamo’s Past to the Present

When the band was around between 1998 and 2003, Sterling, Va., post-hardcore group PG. 99 may have been easy to miss. The screamo band bathed its sound in a kind of dark, unrelentingly violent aura that doesn't have much in common with the pop-fueled punk sounds that dominated alt-rock airwaves in the early aughts. PG. [...]

Kicking and Streaming: Why Indies Tolerate Spotify’s Minuscule Royalties

“Hello, this is John Maus. Please listen to my new album on Spotify.” Direct and chipper, the in-house advertisement was nevertheless an ominous thing to hear between songs this week, a few days after the Minnesota electro-pop singer created an indie-rock controversy by telling Pitchfork he’s glad so many record stores “have little ‘closed’ signs on [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: WMUC, Joe Lally, Cyrano

Alex Baca leads off this week's arts section with her reflection on the state of University of Maryland student-run station WMUC—which she says ought to declare independence. Joe Warminsky reviews three strong albums from local labels: New Des Ark and Pygmy Lush LPs from Lovitt, and the latest Joe Lally record from Dischord. Chris Klimek [...]

Tonight: A De Facto Lovitt Records Showcase at the Black Cat

It's about to be showcase season—only 1,500 miles away, at the South by Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas. We're not totally out of luck here, though. Windian Records has an all-day showcase at U Street Music Hall Saturday (more on that later this week) titled "Fuck SXSW." Like the Windian kids, Arlington's Lovitt Records seems [...]

The Sleigher: Des Ark’s “Which One Of You Assholes Ate Christmas!!!”

HO HO WHO: Des Ark has been plugging away at rock songs and folk songs for years, once via Richmond and now via Philadelphia. The band has been a trio, a duo, and–as in this case–a solo affair. Though it's had relatively few official releases, Des Ark has been involved with local labels from Exotic [...]

Frodus Releases New 7-Inch, Teases Collaborations With Members of Refused and Darkest Hour

You thought they were dead. It was only a ruse: The great D.C. spazzcore outfit Frodus tracked two new songs and remade an older one during its too-brief 2009 reunion stint, and just last week, Lovitt Records released the results, the Soundlab 1 7-inch. You won't find the songs on iTunes—the tracks are available digitally [...]