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Arts Roundup: Big Hot Mess Edition

Love's liquor license suspended for a whole lot of unpaid taxes. [Post]
Courtland Milloy: Howard University's YardFest is a shame. [Post]
Chris Brown's uncle doubts that his nephew would have hit that guy in front of the W Hotel. [WJLA]
Nevertheless, Brown checks into rehab after his D.C. arrest. [Post]
Blues Alley temporarily closes for repairs, cancelling some shows. [...]

Kelow Taps Mainstream Hip-Hop’s Misogyny But Doesn’t Share Its Taste for Beef

A year and a half ago, few hip-hop fans in the District had heard about Kelow, a blond-dreadlocked, wisp-thin, weed-smoking lesbian rapper from Forestville, Md. But she was about to be big in Sweden.
In September 2011, Kelow’s video for "Haterz" popped up on the Swedish hip-hop blog Pussy Made of Gold. By summer 2012, she [...]

Arts Roundup: Middleton Moombahton Edition

LOVE Stinks: Earlier this week, massive sculptures spelling out "LOVE" appeared in Dupont Circle—part of, DCist reveals, a Virginia tourism campaign. 1) Insert Robert Indiana joke here; 2) the Dupont LOVE installation is an even bigger eyesore than those warped heart sculptures promoting Colombia tourism in 2009.
Royal Remix: Calling it here—Moombahton has jumped the shark. [...]

Arts Roundup: Pro Tips Edition

Barnes Raising: The Washington Post Magazine checks in with Marc Barnes—the former owner of Love nightclub, the current owner of the Park at Fourteenth, and D.C.'s once (and future?) king of upscale nightlife aimed at young, hip African Americans. Barnes became known for his parties in rented spaces and later at Republic Gardens in the 1990s, [...]

Arts Roundup: What is the What Edition

Good morning, D.C.! I know it's a bit early to ask you to think about this evening's plans, but if you're so inclined, the 2010 Drag Queen Race will dash around Dupont in high heels tonight. If that's too cute for you, Washington Walks has nightly haunted house tours running through Halloween.
The Museum of Unnatural History, after [...]

Arts Roundup: Pazz & Jop and then We’re Done with 2009 Edition

Hello! Pazz & Jop! The annual critics' poll organized by the Village Voice went online yesterday, and nothing about the main lists should surprise you: Animal Collective and Phoenix topped the albums list; Jay-Z (and Animal Collective and Phoenix) topped the single list. A number of City Paper staffers and contributers submitted Pazz & Jop ballots. [...]

Afternoon Arts Roundup: Stabbings and Cancelations Edition

Following an early New Year's Day stabbing at Love nightclub in Northeast, District police  ordered that the space be shut down for 96 hours, the Washington Post reports. At around 1:30 a.m., a man in his early 20s was stabbed; he suffered serious injuries that were not life-threating.
This was the third violent incident inside the [...]

A Bad Day to Die

One of the Post's best blogs reminds us that Farrah Fawcett wasn't the only person whose demise was blocked out by Michael Jackson's—Sky Saxon, singer of the Seeds, died last Thursday as well. I'll say—the publicist who emailed me on June 15 about a garage-rock tour featuring Love, the Electric Prunes, and Saxon, hasn't uttered [...]

Love is Love is Love

Three takes on one concept, in honor of Valentines Day.

Alemayno Eshintay
"Love is Love"
From the Mississippi Records compilation Love is Love.

"Love is Love"
From the record Love is Love, out on Dischord.
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