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Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, Reviewed

Somewhere is light on dialogue and heavy on metaphors. Did I lose you already? Sofia Coppola's follow-up to Marie Antoinette finds her returning to Lost in Translation territory– lots of atmosphere, long, static takes, and little talk.
We see Hollywood celeb Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) tooling about: In the opening shot, driving [...]

Bill Murray, Contemplated

In which the author asks 20 questions about Bill Murray's appearance in the film Zombieland.

1. Why is Bill Murray in Zombieland?
2. Why does Bill Murray play himself playing a zombie in Zombieland?
3. Why do so few film critics mention Bill Murray's self-aware performance—a performance upon which Zombieland's status as self-aware, semi-cool, awesome/shitty horror-comedy depends—in Zombieland [...]

ScarJo Butchers Buckley

At Coachella 2007, smokin' starlet Scarlett Johanson lent her sultry vocals to then-freshly reunited Scottish noise-poppers Jesus & Mary Chain's performance of their best-known single, "Just Like Honey" (also featured in Lost In Translation). Roughly a year later, Johansson foisted an album of low key, lounge-lizard reworkings of Tom Waits classics (Anywhere I Lay My [...]