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Reviewed: “Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940–1990″ at the National Building Museum

“Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940–1990” at the National Building Museum offers a scope as sprawling as the city it documents, encompassing architecture, transportation, urban development, entertainment, the environment, and consumerism.
The exhibit is largely respectful in tone—it’s no City of Quartz, Mike Davis’ classic, dyspeptic assessment of the city published in 1990, not long before [...]

Bleached on East Coast vs. West Coast, The Smell, and Doing Karaoke With Ty Segall

The album of your daydreams has just cruised in on the back of a motorcycle, straight from the City of Angels. Ride Your Heart, the 12-song debut album from L.A. band Bleached, is a hair-in-the-wind ride through blooming love and tearful loss. These sweet Shangri-Las-influenced tunes were made by sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, known previously [...]

Dept. of Flannel and Sneakers: Dawes @ IOTA Club & Cafe Tonight

People who hear Dawes before learning anything about the band are generally surprised to learn they’re from Los Angeles. What, like L.A. never had cowboys?
The band’s m.o. is most certainly country, what with its easy stride and affinity for one-four-five “Hey brother, jump on that third when we hit the chorus” template. But there’s definitely [...]

Tonight in Film: L.A. Confidential at American City Diner

“Life is good in Los Angeles. It’s paradise on Earth,” narrates Danny DeVito in the first moments of L.A. Confidential, Curtis Hanson’s thickly and richly plotted 1997 police drama based on the novel by James Ellroy. “That’s what they tell you, anyway.” It remains the best film about systemic corruption in the City of Angels [...]