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Arts Roundup: Fade Away Edition

Plus: 14-year-old DJ Sierra Roundtree is making waves in the D.C. scene.

Arts Roundup: The Incredible True Story Edition

Plus: Check out the new More Humans record.

The Breaks: The Busy March Edition

What writer can't relate to the grind of trappin' out a Starbucks?

The Breaks: Local Rappers Get Honest

"Start plottin’ my way out this/’Cause shows like Empire make the very thing I dreamed of look like bullshit."

Sounds About Right: The Best Local Albums of 2014

Replay the year in D.C.'s raddest albums and EPs.

The Breaks: This Week in Local Hip-Hop

The Breaks is back from hiatus!

The Breaks: The Week in Local Hip-Hop

With little promotion, Logic's debut album performs.

The Breaks: This Week in Local Hip-Hop

A farewell to Yardfest and Kali Uchis' bound and gagged revenge flick

The Breaks: This Week in Local Hip-Hop

The Breaks goes on a wild robbery with Logic, mellows out with a Beyond Modern remix, and sees Yung Gleesh's dance get the video game treatment.

The Breaks: This Week in DMV Hip-Hop

The Breaks returns this week with a plethora of information about Logic's debut album, as well as new music from Diamond District, Rob Regal, Nike Nando and Prince Akeem.
Details on Logic’s Debut Album
After going most of the summer without any updates about Logic’s album, fans and critics alike have been bombarded with information about it [...]