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Christian Tradition or Black Metal Band?

Q: Christian tradition or black metal band?
1. Baptism
2. Ordination
3. Liturgy
4. Bathory
5. Eucharist
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Don’t Be Bored: Transcendental Black Metal, Whatever That Means

The black-metal band Liturgy suffers from what’s been written about it. No, not by the metal press that has looked askance at the Brooklyn band because of its inroads with the indie rock community. Liturgy’s worst critics are its supporters, from the overripe band bio accompanying Aesthethica, its debut release for stalwart experimental label Thrill Jockey, [...]

Tomorrow: Liturgy, Brooklyn’s Finest Black Metal Band, at Comet Ping Pong

When Brooklyn-based black metal outfit Liturgy signed to indie label Thrill Jockey last week, Stereogum scribe and metal expert Brandon Stosuy posted a philosophical pondering on his Twitter account:
What's this mean for black metal, black metallists?
Perhaps the best response came from renowned freelance music journalist Christopher Weingarten. The master of Twitter-based music criticism responded:
Dudes dress [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: “Color-Conscious” Casting, Harry Potter, and Painted Face

Erin Petty leads off the arts section this week with a look at recent D.C. plays that have subverted audiences' expectations via the race of their principal actors. She asks: Is this stunt-casting, or, to use the theater world's term, merely "nontraditional?" Christina Lee talks to until-recently-local author Doreen Baingana about a travelogue she's currently [...]