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City Paper Critics’ Poll: Favorite Moments In Local Music

For the 2012 City Paper Critics' Poll, we asked local critics, bloggers, and fans to tell us about their favorite moments in local music this year. This post has been updated to include input from Reese Higgins and's Metal Chris.
Packed into the Ethiopian joint Asefu’s in July and riled up by an all-too-brief set [...]

Free All Week: Spend Your Lunchtime Watching Classic D.C. R&B

If I worked downtown, I know where I'd spend my lunchbreak this week, and where I'd be Friday at the end of the workday:  The Woodrow Wilson Plaza summer lunchtime concert series is closing out with four midday concerts of classic D.C. R&B, and then on Friday it's offering the godfather of go-go, Chuck Brown, [...]