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ToDo Today: Foul Swoops at Black Cat

Ian Svenonius is a man of many backing bands, but when his Chain & the Gang closed the season of free concerts at Fort Reno a few weeks back, the supporting players were notable for their youth: Rather than tap his usual pool of fellow D.C.-punk lifers for assistance, Spiv turned to the barely twentysomethings [...]

Arts Roundup: From E.T. to “The Facebook Effect” Edition

Good morning, everyone. A gorgeous Wednesday, with a high of 82 degrees today. Sounds like perfect weather for a run or an outdoor movie screening. The NoMa's Summer Screen is featuring E.T. tonight—nothing like a trip down memory lane, to summers long gone. BBQ and music begin at 7 p.m., the film starts at 9 [...]

Tomorrow: Buildings Open for Lightning Bolt, Guitar Orchestra in Tow

You read that headline correctly—D.C. experimental rockers Buildings have assembled a guitar orchestra for their spot tomorrow opening for Rhode Island noiseniks Lightning Bolt at DC9.
Collin Crowe, a guitarist in Buildings who organized tomorrow's orchestral project, says 15 guitars will be on stage. "I hit up mostly friends of mine for it," he says. "To [...]

Leak Proof: Michael Jackson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, On Fillmore, Lightning Bolt

Charlotte Gainsbourg: "IRM"
Having exhausted pop music's reserve of rakish Euros—Jarvis Cocker, Air, Neil Hannon—on her last record, 5:55, Charlotte Gainsbourg has hopped over the pond and tapped Beck to produce her new one, IRM. Unsurprisingly, it's weirder than her last. At least the title track—a Silver Apples-cribbing 2 minutes of metallic bonging and electronic squiggles—suggests [...]