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The Top 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Tracks of 2010, According to Ryan Little

Lists are inexplicably difficult yet undeniably crucial for music nerds. We have to sum up the events of the year with numbers and bullet points or our brains melt and our hearts explode. Sad but true. It's been in fashion of late to be more eclectic with lists, including everything from drone-core to bubblegum pop [...]

Pitchforkast: Liars’ Sisterworld

Welcome to the Pitchforkast. Here, your friendly Pitchforkast team (YFPT) will attempt to predict the Pitchfork rating for albums that have not yet appeared on that Web site. Note: Ratings estimates are arrived at through expert guesswork.

TODAY: Liars, Sisterworld—leaked January 2010; out March 8
Holy dude do those Pitchforkers love their Liars. Ratingswise, Brooklyn’s finest [...]