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Meet an SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Roger Langridge

Roger Langridge is a New Zealander who lives in England, but cartoons for United States comic book companies. His small press comic Fred the Clown has kept him coming to SPX for years. He's probably now best known for his recent run on the Muppets, but he also recently wrote a critically successful Thor [...]

Alison Carney’s AlisonWonderland, Reviewed

The last time we heard an Alison Carney solo recording, she was pretty subdued. Her four-song EP from 2008 was downtempo and heavy on familiar R&B themes: giving into romance, discovering new love, self-empowerment.
Three years later, the Northeast D.C. native sounds far removed from those earlier contemplative ballads. She's still playing with electro-soul, but now the [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.
1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, edited by Hugh Haughton, illustrated by John Tenniel.
Pop quiz: Without reaching out to any lifeline (parent, friend, lover, child, roommate, neighbor, cab driver, doctor, lawyer, barber/hairstylist, dentist, garbageperson, boss, underling, 1951 [...]

Five Books I’d Read

In which the author discusses five books he read, were he not distracted by Wikipedia entries in re: the Lost universe.
1. Arshile Gorky: Works, Writings, Interviews, by Robert Mattison and Arshile Gorky.
How to make good art: First, find an all-encompassing ideology (capitalism, communism, fascism, fundamentalism). Then, add conflict (cold war, hot war, guerrilla war, genocide) [...]

The Five Best Photos in Darwin’s Camera

Darwin's Camera: Art and Photography in the Theory of Evolution
By Phillip Prodger
($39.95, Oxford University Press)
"The vestigial result of something useful in earlier times"—this phrase can describe a number of things (naked pictures of your ex; the Zagat guide; newspapers; &c.). Phillip Prodger uses it to describe Charles Darwin's theory of the human countenance. If emotions [...]