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Les Misérables and Django Unchained, Reviewed

Les Misérables, as its title suggests, isn’t exactly two buckets of fun. But Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the stage musical is a passable entertainment if you don’t mind ignoring a few irksome questions. Questions such as: How exactly does a convict become a wealthy mayor in eight years? Why would a factory worker get fired [...]

Openings: Age of Champions, “Changing America,” Classical Ballets

What's new this weekend in local arts.

It's a big week for openings at museums, as the Smithsonian rolls out some exhibits that will be on display through most of 2013. And with it being the holiday season, a few favorites return in slightly different forms. Now that the weather is finally cooling off for good [...]

New Management Comes to National Theatre

Back in November, City Paper's Lydia DePillis asked, "Can the National Theatre finally come back to life?" For years, the elegant theater with the prime downtown location has been curiously underused, usually only opening its doors for the occasional touring Broadway show. But today, the National Theatre announced it's got two new managers: JAM Theatricals, Ltd., [...]

Arts Roundup: FREEDOM Edition

Non-Modern Art Notes: Next year, the National Gallery of Art will mount a major George Bellows retrospective, reports The Washington Post. In other arts news, why is the Post sending its classical critic to review "Degas's Dancers at the Barre" at the Phillips Collection, and not, like, its art critic? I could see assigning it to [...]

WaPo Kennedy Center Smackdown!

Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser must be smartin' this weekend. In today's Washington Post, the Sunday Arts section unleashes a five-critic assault on the massive arts center's upcoming season. "Is the Kennedy Center playing it too safe?" reads the headline of Philip Kennicott's package-leading essay. If the answer was no, there'd be no point in asking.
Looking at [...]