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Reviewed: J. Edgar

In the past few years, Clint Eastwood has been more successful coaxing terrific performances out of A-list actors than terrific movies out of mediocre scripts. It started with with 2009’s Invictus (Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman) and continued with last year’s Hereafter (Damon again). Now there’s J. Edgar, a limp, snooze-worthy biopic about FBI director J. [...]

J. Edgar Waldorf

J. Edgar, Clint Eastwood's biopic about the controversial first director of the FBI, opened yesterday, but something about it doesn't feel right.
The movie, which is mostly set in the District, hops between the bureau's early decades, when J. Edgar Hoover was an earnest young anti-Bolshevik, and the final decade of his life, when he became [...]

Arts Roundup: Had Our Fillmore Edition

Fillmore Yeesh: The Gazette reports that a Maryland judge will dismiss concert promoter I.M.P.'s lawsuit against state and Montgomery county officials over the cost to taxpayers of converting an old department store in Silver Spring into a 2,000-capacity Fillmore venue, to be operated by Live Nation. The cost of the plan rose to $11.2 million from [...]

Reviewed: The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest

Early on in National Geographic's new Mount Everest film The Wildest Dream, the story turns to the question of why anyone would dare to ascend the world's highest peak. The answer is eternal as it simple: "Because it's there."

Reviewed: Inception

Inception tosses around showy scenes of upside-down cities, cars driving vertically, and fights in zero gravity. Its most impressive achievement, however, may be this: In its nearly two and a half hours, the sci-fi mindbender spouts only a few lines of gibberish. And your eyes will stay glued even as question marks fill your thought [...]

Shutter Island, Version 2.0: The Graphic Novel by Christian De Metter

Perhaps you saw Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island this weekend, and you're wanting more. Or maybe you've been unable to watch a DiCaprio movie since Titanic, but you're still interested in the noir story. We're here to help. French cartoonist Christian De Metter adapted Shutter Island (TOKYOPop, $21.99) into a graphic novel from Dennis Lehane's [...]