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Two Takes on the Berlin Wall at the Goethe-Institut

Photos of today's population-dividing walls render Berlin's history in the present tense.

The Best Photography Exhibits of 2011

Locally, the past year has been a good one for two types of photography—landscape work and documentary. It's also been notable for several smart shows at the American University Museum and Goethe-Institut, but the sad closing of a venerable venue of good photography, Bethesda's Fraser Gallery. Here's my list of the 10 best photographic exhibits in [...]

Reviewed: “An American in Deutschland” at the German Historical Institute

Occasionally, a photographer’s words are as vital as his photographs; the work of post-war Germany by Leonard Freed surely qualify. Freed (1929-2006) was born in Brooklyn to Jewish immigrants who had fled pogroms in Russia. Beginning in 1952, he spent almost two decades in Germany, documenting the nation’s recovery, as well as the Jews who [...]